London-South France: In a world grappling with ongoing challenges of oppression and tyranny, the release of “Resistance As Idea And Action” offers a timely and profound exploration of the relentless human spirit in the face of adversity. Authored by the France-based GEW Reports and Analyses Team, this book is part of the esteemed collection “Resistances”, published by Global East West in London. Two books were published in the same collection in 2023: The Right to Resist and The French Resistance Against Nazi Occupation.

The latest work delves into historical accounts of resistance movements, shedding light on the courage, resilience, and unwavering determination of individuals and communities in their fight against oppression and occupation. From ancient civilisations to modern-day struggles, “Resistance As Idea And Action” presents a compelling narrative that underscores the universal pursuit of freedom and justice.

Readers can expect to be captivated by the meticulously researched accounts, thought-provoking analysis, and inspiring narratives that form the backbone of this significant contribution to history and sociology. With its insightful commentary on human rights, social justice, and the enduring quest for liberation, this book promises to resonate with audiences seeking a deeper understanding of resistance as both an idea and an action.

For more information about Resistance As Idea And Action: The Epic Struggle Against Oppression and Tyranny Throughout History, visit [The Voice of the Mediterranean].

As with our other books, “Resistance As Idea And Action” is released as an Ebook and a Paperback and should be available for readers on dozens of book and ebook retailers’ platforms and websites, as well as libraries and bookshops. We will provide you with the links to order it online soon.