“Israel has the right to self-defence!”

by Hichem Karoui

Journalism students enrolled at Western institutions are instructed in the principles of professionalism. This entails respecting all sides of any issue and ensuring fair and balanced reporting. Moreover, adherence to ethical guidelines is emphasised, emphasising maintaining neutrality to uphold objectivity and prevent biased coverage. However, when you observe how the Western mainstream media cover some issues, you see a contrasting reality. One can mention many examples, but here are some prominent ones: the Palestine-Israel conflict and other comparable situations, such as Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran, Yemen, and also the Russia-Ukraine conflict (actually a US proxy war against Russia) and any topic involving China.

What happened to objectivity, neutrality, professional ethics and human conscience? What happened to the freedom of expression, of information, of opinion? What happened to democracy and Human Rights? Are they only for the white man? Is it a monopoly? Should we all get out of our intellectual and moral skin to be accepted as “white men”?

If we exclude some journalists keen on doing their job with honesty and respect for humanistic values, the objectivity and neutrality of the Western mainstream media, which hold significant influence, are often limited, to say the least. When interviewing a Palestinian ambassador amidst the ongoing bombardment of his/her people by a perceived fascist establishment, he/she is expected to denounce the sole national organisation that continues to oppose occupation and tyranny. Suppose the interviewee ignores the question or refuses to denounce the resistance movement. In that case, it might be inferred that he/she aligns with Hamas, a group classified as “terrorist” in Israel and the Western world. As a government, Israel is never considered a terrorist entity, even after dozens of genocides. But Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, and even Vladimir Putin are “war criminals”, not George W. Bush, Sharon, Netanyahu and those who followed in their steps.

Despite a prolonged period of oppressive occupation spanning 75 years, Gaza’s bombing by Israel is considered “self-defence” by the US secretary of state, A. Blinken. And the tenors of the white man’s media establishment resonate like drums, bass drums and cymbals.

Where are the free media? Where are the Western “values” we heard about but did not see when the “civilisation” waged war and invaded Afghanistan and Iraq to punish the “Barbarians”? Israel and the USA are twin monsters setting the examples for all would-be dictators and invaders.

Come on! You cannot ignore the fact that this vile creature, which you continue to defend and promote as the “sole democracy in the Middle East,” treads a path marked by bloodbaths until it becomes an unleashed demon establishing settlements on the bodies of Palestinians, can you?

This is not a scoop. It is public knowledge you can find anywhere. Why don’t you remember it when you report, comment, analyse, or interview people? Why do you hear only a version of the story – the Israeli? And if you hear another, it is still the Israeli because there is no difference between the USA and Israel, is there? That’s why you keep repeating Blinken’s “Israel has the right to self-defence”. Of course, Blinken introduced himself to the Arab officials recently – in the aftermath of the Glorious 7 October, if I dare say – as: “I am a Jew”! Did he resign as Secretary of State? Is being a jew his new job? And the Arabs, did they not know he was a Jew? Secretary of State and a moron? Do they allow this in the USA?

So What?

Let me refresh your memory with a few examples:

The Massacre of Qibbiya (1953)

The Qibbiya massacre occurred on October 14, 1953, when Israeli forces conducted a reprisal raid against the West Bank village of Qibbiya, which was under Jordanian control. According to various accounts, including those of Israeli historians, the operation resulted in the deaths of around 69 Palestinian villagers, two-thirds of whom were women and children. The operation was intended as reprisal for cross-border raids but drew widespread international condemnation. Nobody forgot, but “Israel has the right to self-defence!”

Kafr Qasim Massacre (1956)

On October 29, 1956, the first day of the Suez Crisis, Israeli Border Police killed 48 Arab villagers in Kafr Qasim near the Green Line. The villagers were returning from work and were unaware of a newly imposed curfew. Some Israelis later condemned the incident. Nobody forgot, but “Israel has the right to self-defence!”

Tel al-Zaatar Massacre (1976)

Tel al-Zaatar was a Palestinian refugee camp in Beirut, Lebanon. Right-wing Lebanese militias besieged the camp with support from Israeli forces during the Lebanese Civil War, and Israel started bombarding it in 1976. The bombardment resulted in widespread destruction and loss of life. According to reports, an estimated 1,000 to 3,000 Palestinian civilians were killed during the lengthy siege, and the camp was eventually overrun. International organisations widely condemned the siege and subsequent massacre at Tel al-Zaatar. Nobody forgot, but “Israel has the right to self-defence!”

Sabra and Shatila Massacre (1982)

During the Lebanese Civil War, this massacre occurred in Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut, Lebanon. After invading Lebanon and besieging Beirut, Sharon’s criminal army facilitated Gemayel’s Christian Phalangist militias to enter the camps, killing hundreds (some estimates say thousands) of Palestinians. Israel’s role led to domestic and international condemnation. Nobody forgot, but “Israel has the right to self-defence!”

Gaza Beach Incident (2006): Gaza Massacre 1

On June 9, 2006, an explosion occurred on a beach in the Gaza Strip, resulting in the deaths of eight Palestinian civilians, mostly children. Israel initially took responsibility but later denied involvement, suggesting Hamas planted a mine that caused the explosion. Nobody forgot, but “Israel has the right to self-defence!”

Operation Cast Lead (2008-2009): Gaza Massacre 2

During this 22-day military operation in the Gaza Strip, according to various human rights organisations, over 1,300 Palestinians and 13 Israelis were killed. The operation drew widespread international condemnation. Nobody forgot, but “Israel has the right to self-defence!”

Operation Protective Edge (2014): Gaza Massacre 3

This 50-day conflict between Israel and Hamas led to the deaths of over 2,100 Palestinians and 73 Israelis. Israel was criticised for using force in densely populated areas and committing war crimes. Nobody forgot, but “Israel has the right to self-defence!”

Great March of Return (2018): Gaza Massacre 4

During this series of protests along the Gaza-Israel border, Israeli forces used live ammunition against protesters, killing over 200 and wounding thousands, according to human rights organisations. Israel stated that it was responding to threats against its border and citizens. Nobody forgot, but “Israel has the right to self-defence!”

October 2023 Ongoing Gaza Massacre 5

 While I am writing these lines, every day, every night, I watch the horrid images of Palestinian women and children shredded by the blasts of Israeli missiles and bombs falling on their houses. How can all that destruction of human lives, civilian buildings, infrastructure, and cutting off electricity and water help the Israelis after their defeat in facing Hamas’s storm? I do not understand. I even doubt whether those who still complain about their fathers and ancestors having been the victims of the Nazis have any atom of humanity left in their blood. How can they denounce the Nazis and not denounce their own governments for repeated crimes against humanity? Have they no eyes to see, no ears to hear, no mind to think? But what? As long as jerks like Blinken continue to say, “I am a jew”, which implies that Israel can go for vengeance against the Palestinian or the Lebanese population and stay unpunished, for it is exerting its “right to self-defence”, there is no hope for a solution.

These key incidents involving Israel have been described as war crimes, massacres, bloodbaths and genocides. Have the Israeli officials who conducted them been charged, prosecuted, and punished?

We all know the answer. It is a shame on all the hypocrites who self-proclaim as champions of democracy and human rights. When people resist the oppression of an establishment created, armed and empowered by the USA and its cronies, they are “terrorists”. And when that evil Frankenstein entity you call Israel enjoys treading in the Arab blood, it is “self-defence”! How many genocides you, vampires, will enjoy before saying enough?

You think you will break the bones of the Palestinians and make them kneel? Did you succeed in China after a century of humiliation? Did you succeed in Vietnam, Cambodge and North Korea? Did you succeed in India? Did you succeed in Africa? No. You DID NOT. And so, you will not succeed in Palestine even if you kill and decimate half the population along with Hamas. You will still have to face other Hamases, even more dangerous and lethal, and the angry new generations rising like mushrooms from under your feet in Palestine and everywhere in the world, weapons between the teeth. Beware where you walk! You can’t subdue and dominate a proud people whose children are determined to die for their nation. Just, you can’t, whatever you do.

Do you want the truth? That’s the truth.

You will have to come back to your senses and save your home from the unexpected Tsunami that is coming up.

You will have to recognise the Palestinian state and the Palestinian people as an equal and respected adversary, if not a neighbour. And you will always have that neighbour, whether you want it or not if you manage to stay alive. And you will stay alive only if you manage to negotiate the right and fair solution with your respected adversary. You have no other option.

That’s the truth. And it should not be overlooked by the Western mainstream media if they want respect.

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