Emirati Defence Evolution: From Imports to Autonomy – A Comprehensive Analysis

In this meticulously researched work, authored by the France-based GEW Intelligence Unit, we delve into the intricate nuances of the United Arab Emirates (UAE’s) military development trajectory. Our focus? The UAE’s strategic shift from reliance on imports to achieving self-sufficiency in defence.

This authoritative book offers valuable insights into the evolution of the UAE’s defence strategy for policymakers, scholars, and defence experts alike. By examining key milestones and initiatives, we shed light on the country’s journey towards enhancing its defence capabilities and strengthening national security.

A Journey Towards Autonomy and Innovation

The UAE has emerged as a formidable player in military affairs on the global stage. This book explores the strategic decisions and investments that have propelled the nation’s defence capabilities, highlighting its focus on autonomy and innovation in defence technologies.

Throughout the pages of “Emirati Defence Evolution,” the GEW Intelligence Unit analyses the UAE’s transition from heavily relying on defence imports to developing its own indigenous defence industry. This shift towards self-sufficiency has bolstered the country’s national security and positioned it as a leader in defence innovation.

Unraveling the Intricacies of UAE’s Defence Strategy Evolution

This comprehensive analysis leaves no stone unturned as it unravels the intricacies of the evolution of the UAE’s defence strategy. It explores the historical context, examining the factors influencing the country’s defence decisions.

From the establishment of the UAE Armed Forces and the formation of strategic alliances to the development of domestic defence capabilities, this book provides a holistic perspective on the UAE’s defence journey. It highlights the key players, policies, and initiatives that have shaped the nation’s defence landscape.

Valuable Insights for Policymakers, Scholars, and Defence Experts

Whether you are a policymaker, scholar, or defence expert, “Emirati Defence Evolution” offers valuable insights that will inform your understanding of the UAE’s defence trajectory. Our meticulously researched analysis is a resource for those seeking a comprehensive understanding of the nation’s defence strategy.

By examining the UAE’s journey towards autonomy and innovation, this book provides a roadmap for other nations striving to enhance their defence capabilities. The UAE’s success story inspires countries looking to reduce their reliance on imports and achieve self-sufficiency in defence.

Join the Conversation

“Emirati Defence Evolution: From Imports to Autonomy” is not just a book; it’s an opportunity to join the conversation on defence strategy and innovation. We invite policymakers, scholars, and defence experts to engage with the GEW Intelligence Unit’s research and contribute to the ongoing dialogue on enhancing national security.

Order your “Emirati Defence Evolution” copy today and gain valuable insights into the UAE’s defence journey. Discover how a nation can transform from reliance on imports to achieving autonomy, becoming a global player in military affairs.

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