London: Discover the captivating new book, “Angry Africa” by Hichem Karoui, which offers a thought-provoking analysis of the post-colonial relationship between France and its former African colonies. This authoritative and meticulously researched study delves deep into the intricate political, economic, and social dynamics that have shaped the often contentious relationship between France and its African counterparts.


Through a comprehensive exploration of historical events and contemporary developments, “Angry Africa” sheds light on the France-Afrique policy and its profound impact on the region. This policy, which has been in place since the decolonization period, encompasses a range of political, economic, and military agreements between France and its African allies.

One of the key aspects discussed in the book is how the “France-Afrique” policy has influenced anti-French coups in various African nations. By examining these events within their historical context, Karoui presents a compelling argument for reevaluating post-colonial power dynamics and fostering a deeper understanding of the geopolitical forces at play.

What sets “Angry Africa” apart is its meticulous research and extensive use of empirical evidence. Karoui draws on various sources, including statistics and quantitative data, to analyse the France-Afrique relationship comprehensively. This rigorous approach ensures that the book offers a nuanced understanding of the complexities involved.

For scholars and policymakers, “Angry Africa” is an essential read. It challenges conventional narratives and encourages a critical examination of the France-Afrique policy and its implications. By shining a light on the historical context and contemporary developments, the book offers valuable insights that can inform future policies and decision-making.

However, “Angry Africa” is not just for academics and policymakers. It is also a book that appeals to anyone seeking a deeper understanding of post-colonialism in Africa. Through its engaging narrative and accessible language, Karoui invites readers to explore the complexities of the France-Afrique relationship and its impact on the African continent.

As you embark on this enlightening journey, you will gain a greater appreciation for African nations’ historical and ongoing struggles in their quest for independence, sovereignty, and self-determination. “Angry Africa” challenges us to question the status quo and to critically examine the power dynamics that continue to shape the relationship between France and its former colonies.

In conclusion, “Angry Africa” by Hichem Karoui is a compelling and authoritative work that offers a comprehensive analysis of the France-Afrique relationship. Through meticulous research and thoughtful insights, Karoui presents a nuanced understanding of the post-colonial power dynamics at play. Whether you are an academic, a policymaker, or simply someone interested in African history and politics, this book is a must-read.

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Published as an Ebook and a Paperback.

Angry Africa

28 January 2024