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The rise of extreme right-wing politics in Europe has become a significant concern in recent years. With the emergence and rapid growth of different right-wing political parties and movements, it is crucial to thoroughly analyse the current situation and fully grasp the potential threats to democracy. This research aims to examine and explore every aspect of this phenomenon comprehensively. We can gain valuable insights by delving into the background, ideologies, and tactics used by extreme right-wing groups and carefully examining the factors that have contributed to their rise. These insights will help us better understand and effectively address the many challenges faced by democratic societies in Europe today. This exploration will also illuminate the various countermeasures implemented to tackle this issue and safeguard democratic values. Through rigorous examination and in-depth analysis, we will develop a nuanced understanding of the complex nature of this growing trend, ensuring that our response is comprehensive, strategic, and aligned with the principles underlying Europe’s democratic fabric.

Background of Extremist Right-Wing Political Trends in Europe

To truly grasp the notable surge of right-wing politics in Europe, it is crucial to delve into the rich tapestry of its historical background. These political ideologies can be traced back to the early 20th century, which provides a captivating backdrop for our exploration. Moreover, the momentum and intensity of right-wing ideas heightened significantly in the aftermath of the global financial crisis back in 2008. A blend of economic instability, mounting immigration rates, and anxieties surrounding cultural shifts created fertile ground for Europe’s unforeseen emergence and rapid growth of far-right movements. By comprehending the foundations laid by history, we can thoroughly analyse the current socio-political landscape and unravel the driving forces behind the escalating support for extreme right-wing politics. (Mondon and Winter, 2020), (Zhang, 2020).
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