by Dr Hichem Karoui

As we watch on TV day after day reports of Israeli occupation army atrocities in Gaza, the memories of these awful days will be difficult to erase. And the fascist coalition that supported  Netanyahu’s criminal invasion, led by Biden, Sunak, and Macron, will be remembered as complicit in the genocide.

Meanwhile, some Arab stations went so far as to help Netanyahu and defend Israeli horrorshow while interviewing Hamas leaders. The Israeli Mossad has likely infiltrated certain Arab media and governments to this extent. I mention governments because we all know that the media in most Arab countries are not free. If the governments do not sponsor them in one way or another, they oversee them.

It was not just one station, but several, and the latest was the most terrible because of the country behind it.

I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears a few days ago when I saw an Arab female journalist compete with Israeli journalists while interviewing a Hamas official on the Al-Arabiyya Channel. Even in Israel, many journalists condemned Netanyahu’s fascist genocide in Gaza, whereas, on one of the top Arab channels, funded by Saudi money, a zealous journalist demonstrated incredible dedication in defending Netanyahu’s views, with questions designed to incriminate the victims of the occupation.

Is that a Saudi or another Zionist station, as there are dozens in the West? Did the Israelis require the Saudi Arabia channel to support their crimes while having access to all of the hypocritical world’s media? Maybe that happened because Arabs are more inclined to watch Al Arabiyya than CNN or Fox News. Without a doubt.

So far, I thought the KSA was the strongest defender and protector of Muslims around the world, including the Palestinians. But after that broadcasting, I’m not sure anymore. Unless and until I see proof to the contrary, Saudi Arabia’s Al Arabiyya channel has become pro-Netanyahu, which means pro-genocide. For me, all those who either condemn the 7 October heroic resistance operation or keep silent on the genocide in Gaza are accomplices of the Fascist occupation of Palestine. They have on their hands the blood of nearly 10.000 Palestinian lives taken by the neo-nazi government of Israel.

In comparison, I say: “Thank you for Al-Jazeera.! It remains really unsurpassable, professionally and ethically.

Since the beginning of the conflict, Al Jazeera’s team of journalists, reporters, analysts, and commentators has been extraordinarily effective in communicating the facts about Israel’s atrocities in Gaza to the rest of the world.

Among all Arab and international channels, Al Jazeera proved to be not only unique but also without peer in Arabic and English broadcasting.

Al Jazeera paid the blood price. It is a crown on the head of all those who work for the network. Its journalists became the martyrs of all Arab peoples after being targeted by a fascist military Colonialist apartheid administration, which is still supported by some of the most powerful undemocratic leaders in the West.

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