by Hichem Karoui


Oh, how marvelous it is to witness the exquisitely choreographed performance of Western governments as they gracefully execute their artful silence during the ongoing massacre in Gaza. Truly, one cannot help but marvel at their impeccable talent for puppetry and ventriloquism, as innocent lives are obliterated without a squeak of condemnation.

The sheer audacity of these self-proclaimed champions of democracy astounds me. While the Israeli war machine rains down death upon men, women, and children in Gaza, the Western powers stand back, pop some popcorn, and provide front-row seats for this grotesque spectacle. After all, why take any action when there are more pressing matters at hand, like commercial partnerships and military contracts?

It’s a brilliant act of selective muteness that would make the greatest illusionists envious. They cloak their indifference with carefully crafted statements that dance around the real issue – protecting human life and condemning blatant acts of aggression. But who needs principles when you can have lucrative arms deals? Who needs values when political expediency reigns supreme?

In this captivating show of cowardice disguised as diplomacy, our governments have mastered the art of turning a blind eye. With each bomb that obliterates another building or shatters another life, they exhibit a remarkable talent for detachment. It’s truly a masterclass in cold-heartedness.

Ah, democracy! What an exquisite dice game it has become – rolling principles and values under its iron boots while proclaiming itself as the pinnacle of righteousness. Who needs accountability or justice when you can simply ignore inconvenient truths? After all, isn’t democracy just an elaborate facade to maintain the status quo?

So let us applaud the Western leaders for their breathtaking display of moral bankruptcy. Let us revel in their extraordinary ability to watch silently as innocent men, women, and children are reduced to mere collateral damage. Oh, how fortunate we are to live in an era where political expediency can eclipse basic human decency.

Alas, the show must go on, and as the stage is adorned with the ruins of shattered lives, we can only hope for a finale that brings justice to those who suffer. But until then, let us revel in the exquisitely sarcastic encore presented by the Western governments – applauding genocide while parroting empty platitudes about peace and democracy. Bravo!

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