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Here is another narrative than what you hear or read on mainstream media:

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of modern history’s most lasting and controversial topics. While the conflict is deeply rooted in a mix of religious, ethnic, and territorial disputes, which began with the Zionist movement’s claim to a right in a land inhabited for centuries by Arab Palestinians, it is also shaped by external influences, including the role of Western governments led by the United States.

Britain and France, two former colonial powers who never forgot they were kicked out of their Asian and African domains, have obvious motivations to “punish” the Arabs. Britain made the Balfour promise when Palestine was under its mandate, providing a land it did control to Zionists who did not. France exacted its vengeance by lavishing nuclear power on Israel. The United States, a colonialist itself (Vietnam and Cambodia have a history similar to the Palestinians), pretending to lead the “free world,” recognised the self-proclaimed state of Israel two minutes after it was declared, but failed to recognise the Palestinians’ right to a sovereign state.

On the Palestinian side, after subduing “Fath,” the leading resistance organisation, which promised land for peace but had no intention of delivering (Oslo peace), the three colonialist powers (USA, Britain, and France) gave Israel the go-ahead to break another resistance movement, Hamas, which is the result of Oslo failure.

When Hamas (Movement of Islamic Resistance) declared that it will continue armed struggle until the liberation of the Palestinian territories still occupied, the four colonialist powers (USA, France, Britain, and Israel) used the same tactic as they did with Fath and the PLO many years ago: they labelled Hamas a terrorist organisation. Israel’s brutal occupation of Palestinian territories is not terrorism. Israel, which rules the territories it controls by iron and fire, is not a terrorist entity, but a “respectable democracy”! And Hamas, fighting for the freedom and dignity of 16 million Palestinians (at least) oppressed anywhere, is a “terrorist” organisation.

This is the latest war between four colonialist powers and the Arabs and Muslims of the whole world. Do you think you’ll win? Do you think the Palestinians are alone? Think again.

Israeli invasions into Palestinian territory occur on a daily basis with its pattern of demolishing buildings and erasing houses, not to mention illegal settlements and disrespect of prayers in the Holy Mosque (Al Aqsa). The community has grown accustomed to Israeli brutality, which includes the murder of Palestinian journalists (such as Shirin Abu Aqel). Thousands of Palestinian Freedom fighters, including youngsters, are imprisoned in Israel. In the eyes of Israeli soldiers, killing a Palestinian is akin to killing a bug. And this has been going on since the breakdown of the Oslo Peace Treaty.

Finally, on 7 October, Hamas decided to let Israelis suffer what the Palestinian population had been feeling for decades, and the three imperialist powers decided to give a far-right fascist Prime Minister the green light to commit genocide in the city that had become a symbol of resistance for Arabs and Muslims worldwide.

Even if they demolish Gaza and slaughter its population to the last baby, to the last pregnant woman, colonialism will not win this war. Colonialists will pay the price sooner or later. It is sad to say it, but those Western leaders who encourage violence, do not think of their citizens, many of whom will be sacrificed to save Netanyahu’s fascist rule. The Palestinians will never give up their fight. Hamas is more than just infrastructure. It is an idea that will never die. It is nested in the hearts of all honest people, all lovers of freedom, peace and justice, and all those who oppose colonialism and the humiliation of human beings.

The support expressed by Western “democracies” leaders for Israel’s activities, particularly when they involve the use of force in regions such as Gaza and the West Bank, is appalling. It tells tons about the ethical implications of such backing as well as the divergence between popular sentiment and political action.

I  call all peace and justice-loving people to take to the streets, wherever they are and shout:


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