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The horrendous bombing of Maamadani Hospital in Gaza on October 17, 2023, stands as a stark testimony to the horrific war crimes committed by Israel amidst the ongoing conflict. This act, which resulted in the tragic loss of hundreds of innocent lives, violates international humanitarian law (IHL) unequivocally and demands immediate accountability and justice. This assessment delves into the details of this grave incident and underscores the urgent need for the international community to act decisively against such war crimes.

Event Overview

An Israeli airstrike targeted Maamadani Hospital in Gaza City, causing catastrophic casualties. The reported death toll ranges between 300 to over 500 individuals, with various reports painting a harrowing picture of the devastation. The victims were primarily displaced persons seeking refuge from the ongoing violence.

International Law Violation

The targeting of medical facilities is a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law. Under the Geneva Conventions, medical facilities are protected entities, and any deliberate attack on such facilities constitutes a war crime. The indiscriminate bombing of a hospital packed with civilians and the wounded is an egregious act that shatters the fundamental principles of humanity enshrined in international law.

International Reactions

The international community has voiced strong condemnation. Notable figures like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated that the attack on a hospital was unacceptable, and Egypt denounced the attack in robust terms. However, verbal condemnations are not enough; there is an imperative for tangible actions to hold the perpetrators accountable.


This attack’s blatant disregard for human life and international law exacerbates the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza and significantly strains international relations. The incident also highlights the necessity for a more potent global stance against Israeli war crimes and the enforcement of international humanitarian law.


1. Accountability: Initiate independent investigations to bring the perpetrators of this war crime to justice.
2. International Tribunal: Advocate for establishing an international tribunal to address war crimes committed during the ongoing conflict.
3. Humanitarian Access: Ensure unimpeded humanitarian access to Gaza to alleviate the suffering of the affected populations.
4. Ceasefire: Press for an immediate ceasefire to prevent further loss of life and war crimes.


The bombing of Maamadani Hospital is a grim embodiment of the war crimes committed in the ongoing conflict by “the only democracy of the Middle East,”  according to its Western supporters. The international community must transcend political and diplomatic barriers to ensure justice for the victims, uphold international humanitarian law, and work towards a peaceful resolution to the horrific conflict engulfing Gaza and the broader region.

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Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

17 October 2023